Base Pack Price $US 17.00 /

Prices are in U.S. Funds


Quick Reference Price Chart

Shipping cost is included here. US customers need only chose surface mail (free for 8+pks). International customers, if they want the figures quickly, should chose the airmail option as surface mail outside of North America can take 2 months.

Packs Price   w/Surface Mail Price          w/Optional Airmail
1 $18.40 $20.50
2 $36.80 $40.50
3 $55.20 $59.00
4 $73.60 $78.00
5 $92.00 $100.00
6 (free) $92.00 $100.00
7 $110.40 $116.00
8 (free surf ship) $112.00 $126.00
9 $128.00 $142.00
10 $144.00 $158.00
11 (free) $144.00 $162.00
12 $160.00 $178.00
13 $176.00 $194.00
14 $192.00 $210.00
15 $208.00 $232.00
16 (free) $208.00 $232.00
17 $224.00 $248.00
18 $240.00 $264.00
19 $256.00 $284.00
20 $272.00 $300.00
21 (free) $272.00 $300.00


Airmail is calculated by the shopping cart up to 30 packs. After 30 packs I'ill need to check with the Post Office for the extra cost should you require airmail.

Ordering & Info


These miniatures are cast in pewter and have small parts that are not suitable for children under fourteen years of age.

Pulp Figures are sold unpainted.

My Bonus System:

Order five packs, and get the sixth pack FREE. Every four packs after that earns you another FREE pack. Surface mail shipping is free for orders of 8+ packs, worldwide.


On-Line Payment:

The easiest way to order is to use the online shopping basket. Browse through the catalog, view the packs you want to order, and then simply add them to your shopping basket. When finished, chose your prefered shipping method, (surface mail or airmail)

The online payment service uses 128 bit SSL encryption for complete security.

I accept Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal (you can use [email protected] as my Paypal ID)

Paypal also has the advantage that I can accept Discover and American Express cards through that service in addition to Visa and Mastercard.


Or Just E-Mail Me:

Feel free to simply send me an email with your desired order, your address and phone number and I can either send you a Paypal Invoice, or if you are in North America I can call you for you Credit Card details.

Please do not send Credit Card details in a regular e-mail- This is not secure!

A quick reference price chart is posted on to the left on this page.

[email protected]


For Old Fashioned Mail-Order:

Customers wishing to mail their credit card details, certified check or money order  please click here for the form.

Send it to:


Please take note that Pulp Figures' Snail Mail address is now:

Bob Murch/Pulp Figures
4274 Turner Road,
Kelowna, BC, Canada,  V1W 2N3


Those preferring to use money orders or certified checks please make them directly to Bob Murch ,not Pulp Figures as the crummy bank charges me $5 handling fee for each U.S. check). Please, no personal checks. I can’t accept domestic US postal money orders-they need to be international.


All Transactions outside of Canada are in U.S. dollars.

All prices are calculated in U.S. funds. If you would like to consult the exchange rate please visit:



I'm an artist not a postal employee so I'm keeping shipping simple.

  • Orders of up to 7 packs are charged 15% for packing and surface rate shipping through Canada Post. Orders of 8 packs or more receive free surface rate shipping. Airmail service is optional but only recommended for customers outside of North America.
  • Orders will be packed and shipped when payment is approved.
  • Shipping times for surface rate parcels can vary but according to the Canada Post website, travel time to the US is 6 to 12 business days. For surface rate orders to the UK, EU or other world destinations, shipping times can be 6 to 8 weeks, occasionally more. These are estimated times and can't be guaranteed.
  • Remember, customs and duty might be charged at your nation’s entry point. I have no way of knowing your country’s import charges.

I try to ship within two days if the product is cast and ready which it usually is.



Important but boring information

  • Pulp Figures miniatures ranges and are the sole property of Robert Murch and RM Sculptures.
  • Pulp Figures can be contacted at 4274 Turner Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1W 2N3.
  • Robert Murch, proprietor of Pulp Figures, is an officially registered merchant (2429-7070, 08 Jan 2002) located in the province of Ontario, Canada.

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