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Welcome to the Pulp Figures site!


Whether you are a hardened veteran of the steaming jungles of Borneo, a renowned explorer fresh back from icy wastes of the high arctic, a grim visaged soldier of fortune used to the seedy alleys of Shanghai or a hard-boiled shamus with a bullet creased fedora; you've found the right spot.


Some mugs’ll tell ya that playing with toy soldiers is for kids. After you knock’em flat, grab your dice and a mit full of Pulp Figures and join in the Rugged Adventure! .45s blazing, you can push these little character charged castings around the game table; fighting mad scientists, criminal kingpins or freakish flunkies until Ma calls you in for supper. If its liver and onions again I'd recommend pretending you didn't hear and go discover a lost city instead.


My name is Bob Murch and I sculpt these mini mugs when I’m not reading old pulp magazines or mushing a dog sled up here in the northern wilds. Take a look at my site. There's something for everyone who lives for two-fisted action!


To Place an Order by Phone:



I may not always be available (bears or mad trappers usually) but I will return your call.


Please send any questions or comments to:

[email protected]


Special Winter Sale Offer:

To celebrate the release of the new Mud Men Warriors, PSS-16, I will include a free pack of randomly chosen Mud Men, from the 15 possible variants, with all orders of 6 packs or more. This is on top of the 6th free bonus pack you normally receive. This sale bonus will be automatically included so you need not add the pack to your shopping cart unless you want more Mud Men.

In other words, its a great way to build a Mud Men warband. Offer good until March 15th.


Just added to the Catalogue:

This Year's Movember Mini:

Capitaine Bacchantes is only available by donation to the Movember fundraising campaign for men's health. Details on how you can reserve your casting are available here:


6 Packs

PMH-3 Arcane Academics,    PMH-4 Student Investigators

PMH-5 Shrine of the Grail,   PMH-6 Altar of Evil

PMH-8 Mediums & Mystics,   PMH-9 Devilics Accoutrements



PMX-24 Railway Men Now Available!


Emergency Fund Raiser

These two Cossack characters were originally intended for a Dracula's Bodyguard set in the Mystery & Horror range but they have been diverted to another more important purpose. All funds from the sale will be donated to the UNHCR to help with the crisis in Ukraine. The set contains the two figures shown. The set of Dracula's Bodyguards will now contain all new figures and when it is released you will be able to add these Zaporozhian Cossacks to them as well, should you chose.





Volcano Queen Breadfruit Edition Now Available

This version of the Volcano Queen wears the sacred breadfruit leaf and is available only to customers who purchase a $10 tree from the  Breadfruit Institute,  to be planted somewhere in the world where food security and de-forestation is an issue.


    Donate here: Breadfruit Institute Donate


Please message me if you want to add her to your order. She comes both as shown or in slightly more modest garb. Both versions will be included for a $15 donation.


Please be sure to email me after you have made your donation to make sure I have your address and contact info!


Thanks to the talented Debs Fitzpatrick from Crocodile Games for painting the Queen for this fundraiser!


If you prefer to order her directly from me please use this Paypal button: 

(And don't forget to email me for a confirmation!) 

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Pulp Figures are Standard 28mm scale

Measured from bottom of the foot to eye. Of course some variation in height occurs as is appropriate to the figure.


The Sinister Dr. Koo (PYG-6) considers his nefarious plans for world domination.



You can also follow Pulp Figures on:


My Yahoo Group: Pulp Figures Announcements




Twitter: @PulpFigures


Sorry but I can't sell single figures.

Figures are only sold in the pack arrangements shown due to my organizational system and casting method.


Awards earned while working for RAFM:


Best Fantasy/Sci Fi Series of 1991

Call Of Cthulhu

Best Historical Figure Series of 1997

Charlie Company

Best Vehicular Miniature of 1997

Call Of Cthulhu


(I know, but what have I done lately...?)