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My name is Bob Murch and I’m the sculptor, mould maker, caster, shipper and chief bottle washer of this plucky, rag-tag enterprise. Pulp Figures turned 10 years old in 2012 and since its beginning, when I often had to explain the term ‘Pulp’ to many gamers, Pulp Adventure gaming has become an established genre familiar to gamers with many excellent rules systems to choose from.

The inspiration for Pulp Figures remains early 20thcentury ‘Pulp Era’ adventure film and fiction and the minis remain oriented towards table-top gaming. This is not to say that role-players won't find the miniatures exciting and useful. Everything under the Pulp Figures banner is character driven with fun and personality given priority over strict historical accuracy.

I hope you enjoy the site!


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Welcome to the 2016 Pulp Figures Movember Campaign!

This year’s moustachioed stalwart is the imposing Pasha Moustasha Ali. Everyone knows that fezzes are cool, and a dashing fez combined with a stunning stash can only make a man cooler than cool.

To order your special edition mini you need but donate a minimum $10 to the Movember campaign for Men’s Health using this link: Movember 2016.  Alternately you can submit a payment directly through my Paypal account using [email protected] as my Paypal ID.

Regarding shipping: Canada Post’s shipping have gotten stupid high. I apologize for this but that is beyond my control. Here are the shipping charges to add if you only wish to order the Movember Fundraiser fig:

Canada: $3.00
America: $5.00
World: $8.00

If you wish to simply add the figure to a Pulp Figures Order than there is no shipping charge added.

Important! Please send me an email after donating!

 [email protected]

This should include the receipt for you Movember web site if you made a direct donation and, importantly, your mailing address and phone number. Several of the previous year’s donations came without shipping or contact info and I wasn’t able to send the fig.

The last three Pulp Movember Campaigns raised $3787.00 in total. Lets raise some Mo!

Oh, and I will be readying the first two sets of the new German Jet Troopen, PWM 37 &38. If you would like to order them in advance and include your MO fig to get free MO shipping, email me.



The first 3 sets of our Crucible Crush Cthulhu 28's range is now up on the Crucible Crush site!


Masters of Devil Reef#1


Arkham Investigators #1


Arkham Investigators #2




Our Crucible Crush Flint & Feather Kickstarter was a success! Thanks to all those you joined to help us publish a new rule book for this fascinating period!


Introducing PYP-8 The Mighty Canadian Moose!






Regarding the Discontinued Ranges:

The old PYG Yangzee Gangs range, the old U.S. Sailors and the old Neanderthals are no longer available through the Pulp Figures site. My production capacity is limited and I am no longer satisfied with these figs so I want to re-sculpt them. The new sailor sculpts are now well underway and the initial new Chinese are getting underway. I plan on breaking the Chinese up into two new ranges:  The pulpy, Tong oriented China Station range (PCS) and the more historical Chinese Warlord range (PWL).


For those of you desperate to obtain the old ranges I've handed the moulds over to Crucible Crush. They will, for a limited time, be available through Crucible.






Volcano Queen Breadfruit Edition Now Available

   This version of the Volcano Queen wears the sacred breadfruit leaf and is available only to customers who purchase a $10 tree from the  Breadfruit Institute,  to be planted somewhere in the world where food security and de-forestation is an issue.

    Donate here: Breadfruit Institute Donate

   Please message me if you want to add her to your order. She comes both as shown or in slightly more modest garb. Both versions will be included for a $15 donation.

    Please be sure to email me after you have made your donation to make sure I have your address and contact info!


   Thanks to the fantastic and talented Debs Fitzpatrick from Crocodile Games for painting the Queen for this fundraiser!


If you prefer to order her directly from me please use this Paypal button: 


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The Sinister Dr. Koo (PYG-6) considers his nefarious plans for world domination.



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Sorry but I can't sell single figures.

Figures are only sold in the pack arrangements shown due to my organizational system and casting method.


Awards earned while working for RAFM:


Best Fantasy/Sci Fi Series of 1991

Call Of Cthulhu

Best Historical Figure Series of 1997

Charlie Company

Best Vehicular Miniature of 1997

Call Of Cthulhu


(I know, but what have I done lately...?)