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Huron/Iroquois War


The Flint & Feather project is moving into the production stage. Our rules are written and are being extensively playtested. 4 Boxed sets are being readied for release this summer, target: Historicon and Gen Con.

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The planned release will feature the following:

1 boxed set of Huron Warriors (14 figures)
1 boxed set of Iroquois Warriors (14 figures)
1 boxed set of Canoes (3 boats/6 paddlers-enough to transport a warband)
1 boxed set of Iroquoian Mythological creatures/monsters

Our Kickstarter is launched and will hopefully raise enough money for us to finance a beautiful color rule book.





After reading Joseph Boyden's 'The Orenda' I just couldn't help but revisit a subject that I began my career with 30 yrs ago. These aren't Pulp but it is a fascinating subject. The Iroquois and Huron Nations engaged in a ferocious conflict that began before Europeans arrived and ended during the years of early contact but was largely a native contest between two great powers around the St. Lawrence River and the eastern Great Lakes.


I'm uncontrollably sculpting Heroes, Warriors, Shaman, medicine women and whatever else strikes my fancy.



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